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Wedding Venues in CT: Making Couple’s Union as Special as Celebrities

News of the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West upcoming wedding and their efforts to find a suitable hall in France and Italy brings back the memory of another Kardashian wedding , with Kris Humphries . On that occasion Huffington Post collected some of the best tweets about the wedding, and all of them are still/again pretty applicable.

Kardashian wedding

A lot of people are also dreaming of getting their dream wedding, but France and Italy are simply out of the question. Unlike celebrities, normal Americans do not have the capabilities to get the best wedding planner or the financial chest to rent out a castle. One thing everyone can do, though, is to find a memorable place that’s closer to home. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful wedding venues in CT that can deliver that dream wedding, even without century-old castles.

Booking one of the many banquet halls in CT is not hard as long as couples take the time to carefully plan their special day. Many also realize that it’s not the exclusivity of the place that makes the wedding special, but rather, how the event and the venue brings families and friends together to share one of the most unforgettable days in the lives of two people. More than that, Connecticut’s great wedding venues serve superb dishes that will surely make the event one for the history books.

The perfect wedding location is not confined to verdant scenery or expensive zip codes. Rather, it is any place that binds the heart of two lovers together. On the logistic side of planning the event, couples only need to consider how their chosen venue can cater to the number of people they want to share their special moment with and how suitable the place is for one of the most sacred religious ceremonies there is.

Operators of wedding venues and certified banquet caterers in Connecticut, such as The Old Country Delicatessen & Catering, have witnessed how great love stories evolved, and have contributed to making many weddings better than any celebrity union there is. Couples should trust Connecticut as the place where their lives begin together.

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