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About The Old Country Chef

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
W. C. Fields

Old Country Catering is a Banquet Hall and a Catering service from Enfield CT. We own and operate the historic building of The Polish National Home of Enfield where we regularly cater Weddings and all kinds of parties. We also operate the Old Country Deli in Enfield and Pierogi Queen Bakery ( When I say we, I mean me.

I am the chef. Born and raised in Croatia (a small Mediterranean country between Italy and Austria), I have been cooking and eating (mostly eating and wine drinking) my way from Croatia, Italy, Poland, Spain and all the Western Europe, finally landing in 2008 in New England. I have worked as a cook, sales person, waiter, (a terrible) TV show host, marketing manager, hotel manager and now business owner and self appointed chef. And also, all this time, a published SF writer and blogger. But most of all, I am a family man. Married to a fantastic Polish girl, with two incredible daughters and a genius stepson.

This blog is a translation of the most popular blogs from my Croatian blog with added new posts and some other things like recipes and reviews of the most popular New England restaurants (I am a gourmand and I have checked for you, with a critical eye of a chef, a glutton and a cynic, over a hundred restaurants in this area). This is a blog about life in New England from a perspective of a newcomer, about my work in the kitchen, about the interesting people I meet, about my kids, my dog, cat and the fish.

Unlike this introduction, I only write humorous, funny blogs. I do believe there is no other way to look at the world. Life is too dramatic to take it seriously.

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