busy in the kitchen

Pretty busy today in our kitchen. it is always busy in that kitchen, when i think of it… funny thing i noticed, during the week we always have at least twice more people working in the kitchen then we have customers. that is a good statistic – as far as i know only the best restaurants in the world have 2 or more people working for every guest.
But we are not one of the best restaurants in the world, any many a customer that walks in the deli will actually have a completely different experience. He will have to call for somebody to serve him, nervously make noises, open and close the fridge until someone from the kitchen comes to help him, and he will have to wait for his order, always. because we are busy as hell. busy. Busy, busy. The phone doesn’t stop ringing, the stoves are on fire, cooking and cooking tons of food. For whom? you might ask,  nervous just as our store customers.
We cook, mostly, for other restaurants. Our biggest customers are other restaurants and deli stores. What people don’t know is that almost  everywhere in a 50 miles radius where they find some good polish pierogi, crepes, kroketi, kluski, sauerkraut,  mushroom golabki, cabbage soup – it was probably made in our kitchen.

Maybe we are not making that much money like by selling directly to the customers, maybe we are not getting famous and building a name, but still, it is something to be proud of, being chosen by the cooks, chefs, themselves, making food that even after defrosting is still way way better than any cheaper, big industry products that this cooks could find.


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